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What is BizWish?

BizWish is a global business development organization that transforms business wish ideas, needs and improvement suggestions into reality.  Our foundation is based on economic development growth and is rooted by "Economic Development and Collaboration System" patents:  #11816689, 11334850 and #11645667.  BizWish was created to provide a space for the community to express and exchange business ideas, recommendations and concerns along with providing business owners & entrepreneurs worldwide financial need visibility in support of business growth and development.  Business ideas and needs are directed towards business professional such as city, state, county and federal leaders, commercial real estate professionals, business owners/entrepreneurs and finance professionals to foster change.  Business owners and entrepreneurs can present funding needs in effort to secure low-cost, competitive business financing while finance professionals can easily find new business investment opportunities.  Our mission is to stimulate favorable change for cities and rural areas both foreign and domestic in support of global economic growth.

The Problem:
Great Ideas With No Place To Go

Often members of a community or the general public have good business ideas and suggestions but no sizable, influential or comprehensive platform to share and engage city leaders and business professionals. And since property and businesses are often developed with no or very little community input, societal frustrations and disappointments continue to be problematic. These significant, unfulfilled business needs persist throughout many communities across the nation.

The Solution: A Business Exchange Platform That Turns Entrepreneurial Ideas Into Action

Free to Join!

Exclusive Global Display for Business Funding Needs

Exclusive business owner and entrepreneur funding needs display page allows financial service professionals i.e. lenders, investors, etc. the ability to see your financial needs such as loans, crowdfunding, profit sharing equity sharing & royalty offerings and have them come to you!
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All the tools you need

Would you like to collaborate locally, nationally or even globally to share ideas or gain support for business needs in your community? Maybe model business ideas to sample local interest? Do you want to find competitive, low cost financing options to start your business? Or perhaps, create economic growth for your city, state & federal entities though business development, job creation and tax revenue generation? BizWish LLC. has many benefits and provides all the tools you need...


The only global platform for proposing business ideas, making improvement suggestions and providing consumer warning notices with wide-scale community and business professional collaboration. This includes city, state and federal government agency participation.

Raise Capital

Exclusive business owner and entrepreneur funding needs display page that allows lenders and accredited investors visibility into your financial needs such as; loans, crowdfunding, profit sharing, equity share, royalty offerings, etc. and have them come to you.

Economic Growth

A patented economic development system that encourages business development, creates jobs, generates tax revenue and feeds sales for products, materials, supplies, services, etc.

Business Development Consulting Needs?

Please give us a call to discuss your consulting needs. We specialize in process improvement, business development consulting and statistical & demographic data analysis.

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Professional Skill Sets and Expertise:

  • Business Consulting
  • Project Management
  • Software Development
  • Agile Processes
  • 6Sigma Black Belt
  • LEAN Methodology
  • Business Analytics
  • Process Improvement
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Entrepreneur / Business Statistic

Annually, small businesses create 1.5 million jobs and account for 64% of all new jobs in the U.S.
Out of the 31.7 million small businesses, 3.7 million are micro-businesses with one to nine employees.
43% of Americans plan to start a business. 15 million Americans work full-time for their own business.

Free Membership

For everyone! Intended for the general public, members of a community, or anyone who would like to propose, vote and comment on business proposals or collaborate and blog concerning business related ideas and issues.

General Membership


Membership Features:

Unlimited proposal submissions

View & vote on proposals

Email proposal notifications

Business "BizBlog" access

Associates list access

Interactive map display

Low Cost Annual Subscriptions

Keep up with community business wishes, display your business financial needs and be the first to compete and take advantage of new investment opportunities listed on our business owner & entrepreneur Business Funding Needs page.

Associate Subscription


per year


Subscription Features

For business professionals! Intended for realtors, real estate developers, brokers, other real estate professionals, and government officials such as; city, county, state and federal leaders, investment authorities, city council members and chamber of commerce personnel.
Notification of new proposals

Historical entry access

Incremental voting updates (low, med & high)

Unlimited proposal submissions

View and vote on proposals

Email proposal notifications
Business “BizBlog” access
Interactive map display
Associate list display (advertising)
Statistics & demographic data

BizFunding Subscription


per year


Subscription Features

For business owners and entrepreneurs! Intended for anyone in need of low-cost business funding and competitive business financing from accredited investors, lenders, brokers, crowdfunders, other financial institutions and providers.
Globally displayed funding need submissions
Find the lowest funding cost opportunities
Diversified funding need options
Leverage public business interest
Lender & Investor list page access
Schedule live product & service demos

Finance Subscription


per year


Subscription Features

For professionals in finance such as; investors, lenders, brokers, financial institutions and finance providers! Intended for anyone seeking perspective clients and investment opportunities.
Access to BizFunding Needs list page
Lender & Investor advertising display
Funding Needs email notifications
View live product & service demos

Premium Subscription


per year


Subscription Features

For anyone! Intended for anyone who wants complete access. Includes: General Membership, Associate, BizFunding and Finance subscription features.
Complete access
All Associate subscription features
All Business Investor subscription features
All Business Funding subscription features

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