What is BizWish?


BizWish is a business development organization that transforms business wish ideas, needs and improvement suggestions into reality. It starts with our patented platform (Economic Development and Collaboration System - Patent #'s 11334850 and 11645667) created for communities and the general public to express and exchange business ideas and recommendations. Those ideas are then directed to business professionals in effort to foster change, development and create economic growth for cities and rural areas. Those business professionals (BizWish Associates) are city, county & state leaders, commercial real estate professionals, investors, entrepreneurs, financial institutions, etc. who consume those ideas for valuation and conceivably execution of development.

BizWish was created as a solution for people who have good business ideas and suggestions but have no sizable, influential and comprehensive platform to share and engage city leaders and business professionals. Since property and businesses are often developed with very little or no community input, societal frustration and disappointment continues. One example of this is a consumer that has to drive far to reach a business (adding time, expense and road congestion; not to mention increased vehicle emissions and carbon footprint) for a needed product or service. Therefore, BizWish and the ideas collected can help build necessary businesses at locations where customers need them.

Users can plot business ideas on a map and cross-reference existing businesses and other business proposals. Additionally, users can also blog on business issues, improvement needs and ideas for any business industry. The blog will include stronger optional submission criteria and filter functionality based on business categories i.e., retail, restaurants, entertainment and message types i.e., new development, savings, investments and improvement suggestions with a BizWish community assessment of 1-5 star “like” rating option button.

BizWish also allows individuals to propose a new or model an existing business as a means of gathering and evaluating community support and interest level. Real estate professionals can propose business spaces as a means of leveraging community interest for marketing purposes. The data collected is assessed, and then, used for expansion and location determination. The voting feature permits users the opportunity to vote and comment on those proposals and other business ideas.

Business owners and entrepreneurs can present business funding needs to financial institutions, investors and others to find low-cost funding opportunities.  BizWish provides the tool where users can disclose a wide range of funding options such as; crowdfunding and other donation requests, bank & brokerage loans, profit sharing, equity share and royalty offerings of their business.  The advantages BizWish funding need postings is 1) reduces or eliminates painstaking, time-consuming effort searching financial and lending institutions for funding.  2) Provides a global market of potential lenders and investors.  3) Assists clients in finding competitive, negotiated low-cost business funding opportunities.

There are many benefits BizWish provides. The attributes of the organization support economic growth by identifying seen and unforeseen business opportunities which help support public and private business needs. These business opportunities starting from community suggestions can feasibly lead to job creation and tax revenue generation as well as, feed sales for products, materials, supplies, services, etc. Furthermore, BizWish provides demographic business data to provide a comprehensive and inclusive confirmation of desired business wishes. The collection of business data and analytics are compiled, stored and available for business professional consumption, investigation, research and action.

John C. Noel Sr.
President, Founder & Owner

Mission Statement

Our mission is to “Turn Business Wishes Into Reality”. We provide the only global service for collaborating, communicating and fulfilling business needs and improvements between communities and business professionals. We’re focused on successfully engaging and bridging the communication gap between the public, city, county, state & federal leaders, real estate professionals, developers, business owners, entrepreneurs, crowdfunders, lenders and investors. As a transformative business leader, we’re modernizing business funding request practices making it easier and more affordable for entrepreneurs and business owners to secure funding.  These key BizWish mission elements are essential in achieving our strategic objective of stimulating economic growth.

Vision Statement

To be the global leader in fulfilling business needs, building better communities through robust collaboration & engagement and transforming & modernizing business funding practices.

Core Values


Open minds to new ideas


Embrace diverse viewpoints


Support community needs


Instill change through collaboration

Value civic & government partnerships