& Usage



  • Collaborate with expansive nationwide user and voter communities.
  • Engage business professionals such as; city, state and county leaders, developers, brokers, financial institutions, investors, lenders, etc.
  • Utilize the blog page to discuss and communicate business problems and improvement suggestions.
  • Exchange global business ideas.

Business Marketing

  • Promote your business in new untapped geographic locations.
  • Advertise a customer’s business idea leveraging community interest.
  • Market equity in your business and request other financing options to attract investors and lenders.
  • Stay a step ahead of your competitors by accessing real-time community interest level data.


  • Find low-cost, competitive funding opportunities for businesses.
  • Showcase and advertise your business or business ideas.
  • Model new or existing business ideas for upfront public evaluation.
  • See geographic trends in business development needs and wishes.
  • View and leverage statistical and demographic information.
  • Expand your market reach by discovering new demographic areas.


  • Generate tax revenue for government entities.
  • Provide economic growth in your community.
  • Determine real estate valuation.
  • Assess community business interest levels for vacant or existing properties.
  • Guage spending potential regarding areas of interest.
  • Stimulate commercial and residential development.