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River & Fort

December 22, 2022
River and Fort restaurant in St. Augustine, Florida is an absolute “Must do” experience. My wife and I went there over the weekend which was our fourth visit. We chose to sit at the bar since we noticed a pair of open seats and were ready to eat, have a couple of cocktails and soak up some of the fun vibe. Randi, the bartender who served us, was very welcoming and attentive even as the bar was very busy. She’s the epitome of a great bartender exhibiting excellent customer service, making good drinks while being fun, fast and friendly. The food is delicious and the atmosphere is very lively and entertaining. I would describe the music as progressive and suiting for the restaurant’s ambiance. The layout is nice too with plenty of stylish dinning areas and multiple rooftop lounge sections that create an inviting, sociable atmosphere. It’s a great restaurant you should visit! …Would you or someone you know like a River & Fort nearby? Please go to the BizWishes page and make a submission today… John Noel President, Founder and Owner
12 Avenida Menendez, Saint Augustine, FL 32084
1 (904) 481-8396